Character Defining Features of the Exterior Facade

The Manor House, located on the US Embassy grounds, is a historic structure that was part of an agricultural homestead. The two-story structure is an elegant example of Baroque architecture and has a timeless simplicity. The Manor House plays a key role in the embassy’s daily functions.

Evaluation of Significance

The manor house and chapel that are located on the grounds of the US Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal are historically significant for architectural, cultural, political, and diplomatic purposes. This nineteenth century building and chapel are of a Portuguese Baroque style on the exterior and interior. The chapel and manor house walls on the interior are ornamented with azulejo style tiles that depict religious scenes and other Baroque motifs. These buildings are culturally significant to Portugal and the US because of the historic integrity that encompasses them and the tiles that decorate the walls of the interiors. These historic elements define a cultural relationship between the US and Portugal.