Physical Description Pink Room

When proceeding through the grand foyer, through the Staircase Hall, and up the grand stairway to Casa Carlucci’s first floor or piano nobile, visitors have the opportunity to enter a formalseating room, known as the Pink Room. A double-door entry leads visitors from the Staircase Hall to a majestic view of a neoclassical-ornamented and exquisitely-carved marble fireplace set between two nine-foot high French windows.There are a few architectural finishes, decorative and fine art pieces in the Pink Room that have been recognized as cultural heritage assets such as a marble fireplace, a massive crystal chandelier hanging in the center of the room, and lastly an 18th-century transitional Louis XVI neoclassical commode. The atmosphere is elegant and luxurious, and complemented by furnishings and finishes.

Interior Gallary